Writer’s Workshop

One of my classroom focuses these year has been writing. I have been really trying to learn about the ways in which we teach kids to write. In my school we use Writer’s Workshop. In short…I do a mini lesson with the whole group, the kids discuss what they are going to write about, they have time to write, we then come together and have some children share. While the students are working independently I am working with a few children and we have a conference about their writing. The students keep a writing folder and have work that is “in progress.”

One of my very favorite websites is www.jmeacham.com. She has all kinds of stuff on her site. However, one of the best sections is http://www.jmeacham.com/writers.workshop/writing.mini.lessons.htm, this is the areas where she has her lessons posted. When I first came across this section I felt really overwhelmed because there is a lot of content. However, now that I have used this as a resource for the past two years it does not get so overwhelming. I do not use every lesson.  While doing informal assessments in my classroom I get ideas of what I want the students to do next. I then use my counties curriculum guide (we just got a new one this year) and I use this site to help me plan. I also use www.teachers.net a lot too. There are some awesome people on the chat boards who are willing to share ideas and help out whenever I need to ask a question. My goal is to do this everyday.

My next post will be about the math journals we have started this year. I have another great site to share with my readers. I have been inspired to do better in all areas this year and would like to share my success with all of you!

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