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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Dr. Seuss/ Read Across America Day Printable Book

Dr.Seuss’ Birthday Cut-Up Sentence Activity

Printable Hat from Hubbard’s Cupboard

Information on Read Across America Day

Certificate of Participation

Biography of Dr. Seuss

Smaller Hats

Printable Feet for The Foot Book

Printables by Book by Apples for the Teacher 

Check out Mrs. Keenan’s AWESOME site!

Monthly Centers from Kelly’s Kindergarten

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar


DLTK’s Sequencing Peices

More DLTK Pieces

The Very Hungry Caterpillar “movie”

Another “movie”

Printable Booklet from Hubbard’s Cupboard

Making Learning Fun Cut and Paste Caterpillar

Making Learning Fun Cut and Paste Butterfly

Making Learning Fun True/False Cards (counting)

Making Learning Fun Upper and Lower Case Match

Making Learning Fun Days of the Week Flip Book

Teacher Vision Activity Booklet

Number and Sets Puzzles

More Sequencing Cards

Other ideas…

Coloring page from Eric Carle

Picture/Sound match


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Letter Recognition

I have been thinking about next year. Already you ask? Yes, because that is just how I am! I plan ahead in my head and my website is just one way to get out all the ideas and actually organize my thoughts. In the process I thought it could help some other teachers as well.

Tips for home from Little Giraffes

ABC (items to glue on each letter) Projects from Giggle Potz

Ideas for sorting letters (some examples)

Sorting by color (magnetic letters)

Locating a particular letter and sorting them from the rest of the group

Sorting by upper and lower case

Letters with sticks vs. letters without sticks

Letters with circles vs letters without circles

Awesome ideas from the Florida Center for Reading Research

Font Box Letter Sorting For this center the teacher would decide ahead of time which letters the students will be looking for. The teacher will then write or type the letters on the top of the graph. I left the graph in a Word document so that it can be changed to meet the needs of individual students. The students then search the font box for the letters they are looking for. The font box is any old box with papers that have different letters in different fonts. The box would also contain glue sticks and scissors.

The font box concept can then be done by giving students the same graph and a magazine. The students will flip through the pages looking for different letters.

Menu/phone book/television guide letter hunt: For this the students need one of the previous mentioned items and a highlighter. The teacher would tell the student a particular letter to look for and the student would highlight as many of that letter as they could locate.

Write the letters of the alphabet on the outside edge of a paper plate and write the letters again on individual clothespins. The students would clip the clothespins to the outside edge of the plate. The students can match letters to themselves or upper to lower. (I do this one in summer school for the group that will be entering kindergarten in the fall and they love it!)

We also do the above activity when learning about our first names. I have each students first name written on a sentence strip, the students have to locate the letters in their name and clip them in the appropriate spot.

Starfall This website has short activities for each letter. I use this in the computer center of my room and the kids enjoy using it. The site also has stories and ideas for the year as it progresses.

An interactive letter matching memory game

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