Thanksgiving Ideas

Roll a Turkey (Using this for my math centers!)

Large Turkey for the disguise a turkey homework/ family project (My favorite kindergarten project ever!) Each student receives a copy of the turkey. A letter is sent home to parents explaining that they can help their child dress their turkey in a costume such as doctor, clown, football players, etc… The goal is to disguise the turkey so no one eats him for Thanksgiving dinner!



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3 responses to “Thanksgiving Ideas

  1. Paula Headland

    I’ve been following you for a couple months now and love many of your posts. I’m just wondering what is the disguise a turkey project. Would you mind elaborating a bit?

    Thanks so much!

    Paula in Pre-K

  2. oooh, i remember when my daughter brought this project home!

  3. Hi
    Happy thanksgiving to all!
    I liked the idea and doing this thanksgiving with my kindergarten-grade two students. I told to my students and they are very excited about it.


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