I need your help!

Am I forgetting anything in these schedule cards?

Give me feedback!

I got most of the clipart from Google and Lakeshore.

Classroom Schedule Cards

I have a student in my classroom this year who thrives on consistancy. I try to be as consistant as possible and I am making some changes so he can be successful!



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10 responses to “I need your help!

  1. Ashley DeMazza

    I love these cards! How about something like ABC work for when we do our letter sorts? Perhaps also something for handwriting practice?

    Thank you so much!

  2. These cards can be divided into different categories and make them q card keeping the similar ones in the same category.

  3. Looks good. Do you do start your sessions with calendar (date, weather, etc.)? I did see children sitting on the carpet; that’s where we do morning calendar.

    • kinderblogger

      I begin each day with morning jobs (sign in, lunch choice, question of the day…) Then morning work followed by morning meeting. We do calendar at this time along with the morning message.

  4. jennifer

    i love your site. thank you for posting

    we have snack and birthday celebration, g

  5. Amy

    Do you go to your school library or do you get inclass guidance? Those are both things that we do in our K program. Otherwise, it looks great. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I found lots of links to other useful sites for teachers on this page.
    Some of them have great ideas about teaching elementary kids, which helped me a lot to teach elementary school kids at my study center.

  7. I like these. I have a Spanish set using Microsoft and Lakeshore clip art that I would love to share with you. Is there a way to post an attachment? Some of the cards I included that you don’t have are special visitor, surprise (for things I don’t have a card for! It’s a big star.), Brain Gym (dancing & exercising), and storytime.

    Thanks for all your great resources!

    An idea for your student would be to print a smaller copy just for him. I’ve done this in the past where my autistic students had a smaller velcro version that stuck on their table or they carried with them throughout the day.

  8. I love your site! thanks for sharing

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