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The Lorax

Have you guys seen this?

The Lorax Printable and Paper

We did this today after we read The Lorax. The kids loved it!

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First grade math center feedback…

I would love some feedback first grade teachers…

Here is something I made… Berry Awesome Roll and Cover for 3 addend addition.

I have it listed as free in my TPT shop.

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2013 update!

I have decided to come back and give this site some much needed attention in the coming months. Please come back for updates often! I am new teaching first grade so I plan to have both kindergarten and first grade ideas. Please check back soon!


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Poetry Ideas

Poems for the Kindergarten Poetry Center

Poetry Journal Directions (Clipart from Google)

I think that next year I am going to have the students copy the poem as well.

Firefighter Poem

Pumpkin Poem

said poem

New Year Poem

Warm Mittens Poem

is, it, in poem

Here Poem

Gingerbread Poem

Seed Poem

Friend Poem

Fall is Fun Poem

Farm Poem

I am a Little Snowman Poem

I am Special Poem

Thankful Poem

I Can Read Poem

I Go Up Poem

Little Candle Poem

Little Leprechaun Poem

Spring is Fun Poem

Rain, Rain, Go Away Poem  

Robin Poem

I did not create these poems. This is not my work and it has been borrowed. If you are the author or know of the author please let me know so that I may give credit!

This part may be better suited for older students.

Poetry center task cards

Poems to use with your students

Poetry Journal Directions (Clipart from Google)


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Shapes, Shapes, Shapes

Shapes All Around Us/ Shape Hunt Recording Sheet

Shape Graph

Shapes for the Shape Graph

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If you don’t know about this…

you need to!

Lots and lots of awesome ideas for literacy centers and small groups!


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Winter Everything!

Here are some wonderful ideas I located on the web in the past couple of weeks. I cannot believe we are in December already?!

Winter and summer clothing sort

Have you ever built a snowman (yes/no or tally) graph

Roll a Snowman

Count and Clip Snowflake Cards

Snowman number assessment

Gingerbread person template

Gingerbread Number Recognition Game

Snowflake Printable Book

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I need your help!

Am I forgetting anything in these schedule cards?

Give me feedback!

I got most of the clipart from Google and Lakeshore.

Classroom Schedule Cards

I have a student in my classroom this year who thrives on consistancy. I try to be as consistant as possible and I am making some changes so he can be successful!


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Thanksgiving Ideas

Roll a Turkey (Using this for my math centers!)

Large Turkey for the disguise a turkey homework/ family project (My favorite kindergarten project ever!) Each student receives a copy of the turkey. A letter is sent home to parents explaining that they can help their child dress their turkey in a costume such as doctor, clown, football players, etc… The goal is to disguise the turkey so no one eats him for Thanksgiving dinner!


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Number Recognition

0-35 Numeral Cards

I took the above numeral cards, laminated them ,cut them out, and placed them into a tub of dry kidney beans! Instant math center! Just make sure you have enough beans so everyone can create a few numbers at a time.

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