I need your help!

Am I forgetting anything in these schedule cards?

Give me feedback!

I got most of the clipart from Google and Lakeshore.

Classroom Schedule Cards

I have a student in my classroom this year who thrives on consistancy. I try to be as consistant as possible and I am making some changes so he can be successful!


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Thanksgiving Ideas

Roll a Turkey (Using this for my math centers!)

Large Turkey for the disguise a turkey homework/ family project (My favorite kindergarten project ever!) Each student receives a copy of the turkey. A letter is sent home to parents explaining that they can help their child dress their turkey in a costume such as doctor, clown, football players, etc… The goal is to disguise the turkey so no one eats him for Thanksgiving dinner!


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Number Recognition

0-35 Numeral Cards

I took the above numeral cards, laminated them ,cut them out, and placed them into a tub of dry kidney beans! Instant math center! Just make sure you have enough beans so everyone can create a few numbers at a time.

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Apples, Apples, Apples

1-5 Apple Sequence Cards from Mrs. Kilburn

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Pattern Block Ideas

Pattern Block Mats


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Farm Ideas

Farm Animal Matching Cards

Animal Sorting (farm, zoo, and ocean)

Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Farm Beginning Sounds (extra letter t)

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Awesome Literacy!

Here are a few awesome ideas I have heard about in the last few months!

Kindergarten teachers have the best ideas…

Secret Sight Words: Write sight words on index cards. Go over the word with glue and let it dry. Place the card inside an envelope so that the students cannot see the word. Have students take paper and crayons and rub over the envelope to reveal the secret word. (Love this idea, I just went and made 6 cards to go along with what we are doing now!)

Letter Hunt: Take old pages from a phone book and have students highlight a particular letter. If you would like them to find more than one letter, have then use different colors.

Anyone else care to share what they are doing right now?


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