Brown Bear, Brown Bear…

BBBB Eye Spy Bottle

BBBB Roll and Color Game

I plan to use this as a math center. I also plan to change the numbers around so the kids each have a different sheet. So many ways to use this!

BBBB Story Stick (Love this idea!)

BBBB Retelling Peices

BBBB Read the room idea (Super cute!)


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Wordless Wednesday



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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Here is an awesome collection of CCBB ideas created by some awesome people…

Ideas from Hubbard’s Cupboard

Coconut Tree Coloring Page

CCBB PowerPoint

CCBB Arm and Hand Painting:Paint the student’s hand green and part of their arm brown. Press their hand and arm on a large peice of paper, this will make a coconut tree print. Add letter sticks, foam letters, or have the students use letter stamps on their painting after it had dried.

CCBB Letter Match: I made a large coconut tree out of construction paper and wrote all the lower case letters on the tree. I then made 26 brown coconuts and wrote the upper case letters on them. After laminating everything the students place the coconut letters on top of the coconut tree.

KidzClub Retelling Pieces

Alphabet Action Game

CCBB Letter Match Game

CCBB Bingo Cards

I have a… Who has a… cards


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Now that we…

are getting back into the swing of things I should be updating more often. I am excited about this year and nervous at the same time. Being a new mom and teacher is going to be a challenge! I also have my national board things, my evaluation year, and our state validation this year too. To top it off I am working from a new classroom again!

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Printables Galore!

I am going to organize all the links to my favorite printable sites right here! These sites have some awesome ideas for any kindergarten classroom!

Mrs. Kilburn’s Printables

Making Learning Fun 

Printable Books from Hubbard’s Cupboard

Math Blackline Masters


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Mrs. Bindergarten…

Ideas from the Virtual Vine

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Today I was working on my kindergarten sub binder for next year in an attempt to be organized! I cam across an article about a substitute kindergarten teacher. I found it humorous and it gave me some prospective… Enjoy!

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