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The 100th Day of School!

 Wow! There are so many great ideas out there from teachers around the country… Here is a list of ideas I have done in my room and ideas that other people have created!



100th Day Trail Mix:The teacher provides 10 different small snack items like pretzels, marshmallows, cereal, etc… Students take 10 of each piece and fill their bag.

100 Tally Marks Recording Sheet

I Can Write 100 Words

100th Day Writing Prompts

A note to parents about the 100th day

100th Day of School Crown from the Virtual Vine!

Blank 100 chart

100th day printable book made by me.

A list of ideas

100 Fingers Quilt

Kindercritters ideas I especially like the sticky dots idea. I am going to do this when we celebrate this year.

100th Day Poem by ABC Teach and Songs 4 Teachers

Wacky Wish Poem 

 Have the students draw a picture of themselves at age 100 or some teachers have asked their students to dress up s if they were 100 years old.

100 Collection: Send home a zip top bag with students and have them collect 100 items at home. Buttons, cereal, dry beans, pennies, etc…

Jump 100 times or do other physical activities 100 times.

Build a chain with 100 paper or plastic links

Take 100 steps outside the classroom and see how far you can get

Write 100 with different colors 100 times, use each color 10 times to have a math link.

Collect 100 signatures or write 100 words from around the classroom.


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