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Groundhog Day!

It seems that we have had a lot of celebrate in kindergarten recently. Groundhog day is another day that many kindergarten classes talk about. In my opinion this day is great for science and writing. I am excited to celebrate this year with my kids. I created  a printable book (with clip art I found online) and will post the links of any other great ideas I find on the web!

Groundhog Day Bingo (blank)

Groundhog Day Printable Book

Wake Up Mr. Groundhog Book (I got this idea from something I saw at school, so it is not an original idea.)

Shadow prediction chart

Hat Template from Danielle’s Place

Groundhog Poem and Picture from T-net!

Mrs. Keenan’s Videos (I want to go to PA for the day, maybe next year?!)

Shadow puppets: This can be done with the overhead projector or flashlights. Have the students use their hands to create puppets and explore shadows.

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