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Cut Up Sentences

Work samples from the 2006-2007 school year.

Work samples from the 2006-2007 school year.



Here is a sample of work that was done that year by some of my students.
Cut up sentences are one of my favorite things to do in kindergarten. If you take a look at the picture above the words have all been cut off the bottom and glued onto the top of the paper. At the beginning of the year the sentences start off in order. As the year progresses the sentences become scrambled and more complex. This is also one really good way to differentiate this activity to meet the needs of all students in  your class. This is a really good activity for first grade students.  Modeling is a really important part of these as well. I also do lots of these as a class in the beginning of the year so that everyone will feel comfortable completing the activity.
Steps to a successful cut up sentences:
Students write their name of the top of their paper.
They cut off and cut up the words from the bottom of the page.
If the sentence is in order the student will glue their sentence the same way at the top of the page.
If the sentence is scrambled the student will mix and fix their sentence until it makes sense. They will then glue it on their paper in the correct order. (I encourage my students to read their sentence several times before glueing in place.)
The student then writes the sentence. (I have seen it where the students write the sentence once or twice, again, this would depend on the group of student.
The final step is to have the students create a picture that goes with their sentence. (This is usually the students favorite part because many days I do silly sentences like I see the fat blue cat!)
The cut up sentences allow for practice with oral language because students can read their sentence and talk about their picture. They can also talk about the steps they took in order to complete the work.
This is a great way to check for knowledge of print… capitol letter, spaces, punctuation, etc…
I am in the process of creating a whole file of these.  I have posted some of these on the literacy section, click on literacy at the top of this page. 
Cut up sentences make a great addition to a literacy center and I enjoy using them as a follow up activity from a guided reading group. The possibilities are endless!


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