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Lesson Plan Template for Kindergarten

Another version of a kindergarten lesson plan

Small Group Planning Sheet 

Guided Reading Planning Sheet

I created this planning sheet after using many that were not working for me. In 2006 I attended a workshop by Jan Richardson. During this workshop she shared her planning sheets, I used the sheets that she provided and made some that worked better for me.  I located some information online and the link includes one of the planning sheets. There are also some other good things on that link that are worth reviewing.

I have had some requests to explain some of the areas on my guided reading sheet.

2nd day mini lesson- This lesson is something we focused on the first day or something new I want to teach the students, it really depends on what point in the year we are at and the students I am working with.

Mix and fix new word- For this I would select a word I saw the students struggling with or a word from the book that is new to the students. I would give them each a card with the word printed on it. We would talk about the word and I would write it on my dry erase board. I would then cut up the word, letter by letter, or have the students cut up the word. I would then say “mix” and the students mix up the letter cards. I would then have them “fix” the word to create the word we are looking at. (This could also be done with magnetic letters to change things up.)

Review and extend aka Day 3- This day would really depend on what the group needs or what some of the group needs. It can be used to go back and reteach some skills the students missed or extend the lesson or skills for students working above grade level.

Dictated sentences- I would read the students a sentence, many times it is related to the book we are reading and sometimes we come up with a sentence to reflect what we read in our guided reading group.

Open-ended sentences- I would give the students a starter and they would write their own ending. A simple version of this would be “I like…” and the students would fill in their favorite food. We typically draw a picture to go with the students sentences.

Your Pile/My Pile- This can be done with letter or word cards. The teacher has a pile of cards and holds one card up for the group. The first student to “yell” out what the cards says gets to keep it. If no one knows it, the teacher keeps it and puts it back into the pile.

Oh No!- Is played like the game Buzz. The teacher has a container and the students pull letter or word cards out of the container. If they know what it on the card and can say it, they keep it! If they do not know it they put it back in the container. Also, inside the container are several cards marked “oh no!” If the student selects one of these cards they have to place their pile of cards back in the container.

7 responses to “Teacher Stuff

  1. Judith Crossman

    I would love a copy of your planning page. Thanks, Judy

  2. Jessica Chambers

    I LOVE the guided reading planning page.
    Could you explain some of your activities?
    *Mini Lesson
     Mix and fix new word

    *Review and Extend
     Dictated sentences
     Open-ended sentences
     Your Pile/ My Pile
     Oh No!

    Thanks so much!!

  3. Lara McCurdy

    I am a teacher looking to find Jan Richardson, author of “The Next Step in Guided REading”. We have many questions for her and I also understand she does workshops. Can you give me the contact info as your blog mentioned attending a workshop.
    Thanks so much!

    • Jan Richardson

      I am Jan Richardson. You can email me with your questions — I’d be happy to answer them.
      All the best,

      • Rosangela Dexter

        Hi Jan(

        You came out to our school (Williamsville, ny). You presented us with a checklist to determine when and if students should move to the next reading level. I have pre-A through I. Were there other checklists for upper levels? These are very helpful as they help our teachers determine the next step.



  4. missy

    I love the guided reading page. This is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you.

  5. Ashley DeMazza

    These templates will be so helpful this year. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you so much!

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