I have had a request to add some of the lessons I use during writer’s workshop. First I will share the schedule that I typically use during the day. As some of you may know I work with a high population of second language learners. These students are pulled for ESOL during the time I typically do writing, so some days I have to alternate my lessons so that everyone learns the skills I am presenting. The time I spend on each area really depends on the time of the year and what the students can handle. Some of these lessons come from my county and some I have created on my own or found on the internet.

Edit: I am now doing writing first thing in the morning. I have just started this and will keep you all posted on how it is going!

10-15 minutes: mini lesson

20-30 minutes: independent writing and student conferences

10-15  minutes: author’s chair and reflection of the mini lesson

Quarter 1 Examples

Beginning the writer’s workshop

Adding detail to your picture

Matching the picture with words

Using the classroom alphabet pictures

Making a list

Why we use a list

Adding to our writing

Changing our writing to make it better

What do I do when I am finished?

Going back and working on other writing

Labeling your picture

Quarter 2  Examples

Writing about a memory

Beginning, middle, and end

The big story

The little story

Juicy words

Working with a partner

Buddy conferences

Quarter 3 Examples

When I was little

When I am big

Writing about someone special

Parts of a letter

Writing letters

Using envelopes

Stretching stories

Making books

Adding to books

Asking questions

Quarter 4 Examples


More juicy words

Responding to a statement


Interviewing a friend

Writing about kindergarten

Here is a link to some awesome Kid Writing Videos (This is the next book on my list!)

Watch this teacher in action!


5 responses to “Writing

  1. I have just started teaching in a kindergarten classroom that is a part of a pre-school, and I’m feeling overwhelmed, but this site is already encouraging me…giving me some courage to teach.

  2. Amy W

    Hi! I love your website. I have learned so many things for you! Do you have any writing checklist you use with your Kindergarten students as they are editing or revising their writing?
    Thank you!

  3. Hi.
    I am interested in your more juicy words for writing.
    I can’t find a link to click on so I can get more information.
    Could you direct me to your writing for quarter 3 and 4 writing.

  4. kinderblogger

    Hi Guys-
    I lost a lot of my things and will be updating soon. Please check back!

  5. Ashley DeMazza

    I find writing to be the hardest subject to teach. Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

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