Cut Up Sentences

These cut up sentence papers can have many uses in a kindergarten classroom. They make a great follow up activity for guided reading books. This is the primary reason I have included the “create your own” page, you can choose a sentence from the guided reading book to use with your students. These papers make a nice activity for when you have a sub in the classroom. My students know how they work (after much modeling during the beginning of the year) and the sub does not have to do much work to explain it to the students. I also place extras in a box for students to work on when they are done with a center. Even if the child has done the page before, they can choose one they like as extra reinforcement. I use them to go along with themes and special activities as well. I start out with the sentence in order for the first few months of school and end up using the pages with the mixed up words.

Create Your Own Cut Up Sentence (4 words) 

We like red.

We like blue.

I love school. 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

I can make patterns.

We see the bug.

I ride my bike.

I drive the car.

Here is a pig.

I like to play.

I can look up.

We see a dog.

I like the bear.

I am a good friend.

The big star is blue.

He has a new toy.

We go on the horse.

I eat the yellow pear.

This is a big flower.

Here comes a small tiger.

Here is the nice blue hat.

Here comes the little green frog.

She will read some good books.

Updated 1-3-10

This is a big dog.

The dog is in the house.

This is an orange cat.

The flower is red and purple.

17 responses to “Cut Up Sentences

  1. kinderblogger

    I am working on making this page better!

  2. Linda Vail

    Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work.
    I teach a life skills class of Middle/High school age students, but ability wise several of them are right in line with your materials. So I really appreciate you. I am in East Texas (the pretty part of Texas) in a small district called Ore City ISD. I have 7 students with l autistic and 2 in wheelchairs and the rest are MR some severe some mild.. I love what I do tho, as they are all basically very sweet children. Again, Thanks

    • kinderblogger

      Let me know if there is anything specific you are in need of and I can see if I have anything in my files. I make lots and lots of books for my kids. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Ashley DeMazza

        Hi My name is Ashley DeMazza…also known as Mrs. DeMazza to many 5 year olds at North Canaan Elementary School. I found using your cut up sentences very helpful. I love your blog!

  3. Karen Mack

    Hi Michele,
    I’d really like a copy of your literacy/writing rubric. My principal is wanting some sort of written assessment to follow K’s into 1st grade along with writing samples, and I think what you have might help. Thanks!
    Karen M. on t-net

  4. deborah Vandegriff

    Love the guided reading planning sheet. Could you describe; Your pile/My pile, Oh No!, and Mix and fix new word.
    Thank you.

  5. Love your site – just printed off a bunch from the literacy page. Thanks for sharing your ideas and files!
    You may like this site below for some printable ebooks. I’m always looking for books to add to my class library.

  6. Melissa

    Thanks for such an awesome site. It just helped me with my alternative assessments for middle school special education and to find some awesome things for my son in kindergarten. Good luck on your national boards. I did that last year and was very happy to acheive on my first try. Good Luck

  7. Karen Mack

    Hi Michele,
    My class loves the cut up sentences! Any chance of you making more of them?? Thanks for making your ideas available…it helps SO much!!

  8. terry

    I just visited your site after reading about your cut up sentence idea. Love your site and will be visiting often next year when I teach grade 1 again after teaching K for 11 years. Thanks for sharing.

  9. cathy

    Thanks a ton for adding more cut up sentences. My class LOVED them last year. I will get a lot of millage out of these. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Michelle@KB

    We like blue and Here is a pig are incorrect. I will fix them soon!

  11. I love this idea, but in my district this year, our print shop budget has been cut severely. I cannot print umpteen copies for each kid, but I was thinking these would make great file-folder games (or just on cardstock)! You would print and cut out an extra set of the words at the bottom, laminate the page and the word cards, and use velcro to stick the words at the bottom. Kids could move the words into the boxes at the top, and use a crayon to write the sentence and draw the picture. Crayons wipe nicely off of laminate using a Kleenex or cut up rag.

    Thanks for sharing all your resources! If we didn’t share with each other we’d all go crazy! =)

  12. Prasanna Vijayaraghavan

    Thank you for sharing your templates. I am sure my son will like this.

  13. Ashley DeMazza

    I was wondering when in the year you start using the cut up sentences?

    Ashley DeMazza

  14. Ashley DeMazza

    Last year I waited until the spring to use your cut up sentences but this year I am going to start in the fall. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Ashley DeMazza

  15. Ashley DeMazza

    HI again,
    I was wondering if you had any winter themed cut up sentences? I could make my own of course but yours are just perfect! Thank you sor sharing so many wonderful ideas!

    Ashley DeMazza
    North Canaan Elementary School

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