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I need your help!

Am I forgetting anything in these schedule cards?

Give me feedback!

I got most of the clipart from Google and Lakeshore.

Classroom Schedule Cards

I have a student in my classroom this year who thrives on consistancy. I try to be as consistant as possible and I am making some changes so he can be successful!


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Thanksgiving Ideas

Roll a Turkey (Using this for my math centers!)

Large Turkey for the disguise a turkey homework/ family project (My favorite kindergarten project ever!) Each student receives a copy of the turkey. A letter is sent home to parents explaining that they can help their child dress their turkey in a costume such as doctor, clown, football players, etc… The goal is to disguise the turkey so no one eats him for Thanksgiving dinner!


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Number Recognition

0-35 Numeral Cards

I took the above numeral cards, laminated them ,cut them out, and placed them into a tub of dry kidney beans! Instant math center! Just make sure you have enough beans so everyone can create a few numbers at a time.

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Apples, Apples, Apples

1-5 Apple Sequence Cards from Mrs. Kilburn

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